Coaching Position

The Columbia Valley Skating Club is looking for a qualified and experienced Head Coach for the 2019/2020 skating season. Columbia Valley Skating Club offers approximately 13-15 hrs of ice per week from September to mid March. Our club consists of approximately 90 skaters and offers programs from Off Ice classes, PreCanskate, CanSkate, PreStar, Star and Competitive skaters. Skaters attend 3 competitions per year, as well as test days and a year end ICE Show production. We are seeking an experienced, organized, enthusiastic, highly motivated professional with a passion for skating who demonstrates strong interpersonal skills with children, parents, fellow coaches and the club executive. The interested Candidate should be a registered Skate Canada Coach at the primary level or higher. Available to teach strong fundamentals to beginning and developing skaters as well as learn to skate to our CanSkaters. The Candidate should be familiar with the new Star 1 – 5 test program, or willing to learn and implement in their teaching with our club programs. Skills and attributes required are: – NCCP Level 1 or higher – CanSkate Certified & Primary STARSkate Certified – In Good standing with Skate Canada – Able to teach all levels of dance and skills up to Gold level – Offer group and private lessons, Morning ice once a week & 3 times a week afternoon/evenings 3:30 to 6:45 – Demonstrated ability to work well with all parents, students, board and other coaches – Positive Role Model/Team player – Excellent communication skills Please forward resume with references in confidence to Sioux-Zane Sutherland [email protected]

Creston Valley Skating Club Seeking a Skate Canada Certified Coach

Creston Valley Skating Club is seeking a SkateCanada-certified coach for the 2016-2017 season. We are a small club, with about 75 skaters in 2015-2016, most of whom are in CanSkate. We are looking for a coach willing and able to take on coaching all levels. It amounts to about 14 hours per week: one CanSkate for Tots session, two each of CanSkate A and CanSkate B sessions, two Primary StarSkate sessions, and three or four StarSkate sessions each week.
You will deliver the CanSkate program in accordance with SkateCanada guidelines, provide group and private lessons for Primary and StarSkate members, and support skaters in attending test days and competitions. You will also plan and implement the annual ice show at the end of the season. You must have attended, or be willing to attend, a Coaches’ Update Clinic and be prepared to implement the new SkateCanada program for StarSkate. We have one novice coach who will work with you to deliver the CanSkate program, and two or three StarSkaters who may be available as Program Assistants. They, as well as Club directors and volunteers, will be available to provide support and assistance for off-ice and planning activities. Our season starts in early October and runs through to early March. CanSkate sessions are held on Monday and Thursday afternoons; Primary StarSkate on Thursday afternoons and Sunday evenings; and StarSkate sessions are scheduled for Tuesday afternoons, Wednesday mornings, Friday mornings, and Sunday evenings (StarSkate schedule subject to change depending on numbers of skaters registered). Salary commensurate with experience. Travel costs for test days and competitions will be provided by the Creston Skating Club. To apply, or for more information: contact Tammy Bradford, Interim President, at 250-428-4315 (home); 250-428-9262 (work) or by email at [email protected]. Deadline to apply is Saturday, 27 August.